You are the most magnificent Essence in form. You are a beautiful, intelligent, aware, loving presence.
You are connected to the most intelligent power. You are beyond any storm that passes through your space. 
As a unique creative energy, only you know what’s right for you. And only you know if you need support –

Kineret Sherman

I love and deeply care about people. I love to see them thriving and expressing themselves in the world. I love to see them relaxed and free, creating from their inner quiet space. I advocate for people, whether they are coaching clients or on hospice care without a family to do it for them.

Healing the Deepest Wounds

Life-Giving Lessons from My Journey with Rectal Cancer Stage II/III

In 2015, at age 43, Kineret discovered she had Stage II rectal cancer. Eight years later, Kineret is cancer-free, and this book is her remarkable story—and her way to help others avoid some of the pitfalls she encountered. Learning to deal with this disease, she has found internal and external resources to heal her life and, in the process, help others.

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