Kineret has been a lifesaver to me. She helps me feel better about myself and get the most out of all my relationships. She is such an extraordinary listener, a skill that she both practices and teaches. Because of this, she quickly gets to the crux of my thoughts and feelings and helps me find solutions to the obstacles keeping me from a more joyful life. Her coaching has enabled me to find my inner wisdom and to become self-reliant. Kineret is invested in my well-being and continues to send me articles and videos that she knows will bring me further enlightenment. With Kinere’s support, I left a relationship that I was ambivalent about and was able to meet a wonderful partner that is a great match for me.  – Chris

I felt so held and supported by Kineret and safe to explore some vulnerable places together. Kineret’s reflections were on point and shared with empathy. I felt deeply understood and noticed shifts happening during the session Judy, Life Coach 

I met Kineret when I was after surgery that left my right leg paralyzed.  I felt depressed, hopeless, and angry.  With Kineret’s help, I learned how to acknowledge and express my feelings. I learned how to communicate lovingly with myself.  Learning about the ego, “my story”, and the wonderful things about myself was eye opening.  The appreciation I learned to do with my partner, when we tell each other how we feel has been so helpful. This is a guy who never told me how he felt.  Now he wants to tell me how he feels a lot.  Connecting with my inner child and other aspects of myself was powerful.  It brought peace over me. I understood I got this. The BIG takeaways were learning that “healing is a process, not an event”, and learning to live in the NOW and What is.  I learned how to have a better conversation with the support people who are going through this with me and hear their struggles too, and how to accept that, how to come to terms with their difficulties too.  If I didn’t have coaching, I wouldn’t stand up to people, not have the techniques to speak my feelings, I wouldn’t know how to deal with depression, panic attacks, and anxiety.  They still come up but I’ve learned ways of finding a way with them.  I wouldn’t know how to assess myself as a person, know my qualities, and dig deeper to hear what people are saying in situations. I think I would still be down, in a worse depression than I was with more anxiety attacks.  It was so helpful to learn about my strengths to keep me going, to think about my positives.  I loved how personable and understanding Kineret was. She was able to help me through personal journeys and I was able to improve my relationships. If something happened where I needed a session before for emergencies, she created space to let me know what time we could speak.  She had a great personality, happy, outgoing, helpful, caring, strong, with out of the box thinking. Amanda

Coaching is really helpful. It’s amazing to have another person helping you see your own resistance, and help you get on the other side of things to being brave, bold, doing things out of your comfort zone, with accountability. It was very healing. Before coaching I played a small game, not feeling confident or trusting myself. Now I know that I can play a bigger game where I’m bold, courageous, and I ask for what I need. If they say no, I know that there are others I can ask for support. I learned that I can hold a vision and keep taking action steps and the vision starts showing up in real life. Kineret, I liked your skills in communication, I appreciated your being tough with me when needed, it helped me to be called out. I like that you’re intuitive and asked me to get answers from my own guidance.You listen to subtle messages and you ask powerful questions. You’re good at praising. It feels good to be noticed and acknowledged. It’s amazing to have that kind of intention and support.I liked that you presented me with challenges to do more. All those things gave me a new perspective and more confidence to go beyond my own self-made limitations.I like your spirit, you’re really giving of yourself Marcia

“I came to coaching to grow my business. I did not achieve my original goal, because my entire focus shifted. Coaching helped hold me accountable for completing my action steps, it helped create new habits, and it helped put me on a path that is more in alignment with my talents and passions. It was wonderful knowing that I had an outlet to discuss whatever came up that week, and helped give me tools to navigate through them on my own. I learned that being creative is important for my soul, and that I already have everything I need. I feel like I’ve become more excited about the things I do, and I feel more connected. In my marriage and family relationships I have learned to take responsibility for my own feelings, and that if I’m triggered by something or someone it’s meant to be a learning opportunity for me. I learned to accept and say hi to my emotions rather than try not to have them, to be relaxed and calm, and do things with ease. I found a part of what God means to me. I enjoyed seeing the progress I was making. I learned to set aside more time for myself, to take care of myself, and love on myself.”Talia

I have used Kineret’s consulting services on numerous occasions to support my legal practice and personal growth, and expect to use those services again in the future. Kineret has been a valuable resource contributing to my success in resolving obstructions – in particular, gaining resilient client-management skills and addressing conflicts at work. I highly recommend Kineret’s consulting services for any situation involving intra- and inter-personal conflicts. – Panda

I have found working with Kineret to be very rewarding. Each session that we have I leave feeling heard on a level that uncovers what I didn’t realize was there. I am constantly impressed with her ability to reflect back what I am saying in a way that gets the heart of what is going on for me. She is truly aware of what is present in the moment for me and lays that in front of me in an accepting and supportive way. As well, she holds me accountable for doing what I need to do to meet my needs and celebrates my growth and courage to do that. All this with lots of joy and laughter too! Amanda

“Seeing Kineret Sherman over the past two years has brought a dramatic shift in my ability to connect with others, tap into a sense of peace & recognize my inner wisdom. She is by far, the best guide I’ve ever found for wading through matters of the heart & head. This has been crucial as I cope with anxiety, OCD & navigate my way through IVF.  I have had many powerful sessions with Kineret. I see the impact in my life every day. My spouse sees this impact as well. My primary care physician remarked that my anxiety & OCD seem very much under control. He asked what I was doing that worked so well. I told him about Kineret. He was genuinely impressed & remarked that he was very glad that I & other patients see her.  Kineret Sherman is a rare gem. She radiates love, compassion, acceptance & has a gift for seeing inner wisdom. I am forever grateful to her for having shared her gift.” Mariah

“Kineret entered my life in a very difficult time. I was feeling sad, very sick, kind of depressed (I started seeing her six weeks after my cancer diagnosis). She taught me to be happy and see the positive in life. She was and still is a star in the dark with love and patience. She changed my life, spiritually and physically. Her touch is healing. She is a caring person and a very special human being.’Leah

I am much more open than I have been over my adult life allowing me to learn. I’ve learned that electing to change what hasn’t worked in the past can change the future. I really enjoyed the meditations. I stopped just going through life and took a look at what there was for me. Your methods were all valuable. – Marcella

“I got my title!! I could NOT have gotten through this without you!!! Grateful and blessed to have you,” – Marsy

“What I gained from the sessions with Kineret is better acceptance with dealing with my health issue, specifically, looking at it from a different, healthier perspective. The experience has definitely been a positive one. I came in with a very grim outlook on my condition and have been able to turn that view around.” – Adriana

Treat yourself to a session with Kineret and you will never be the same. You will truly be better because of it! Whenever I have a session with her I feel rejuvenated, centered, loved, at peace, and inspired. She is kind, caring, an incredible listener, and very intuitive. I am fortunate to have crossed paths with her because she has benefited my life in many many ways. She is a lovely spirit and a true healer!! Stephanie

“It was so lovely meeting you and attending your workshops.  I truly enjoyed myself as did everyone else.  Your kindness, energy, patience, and leadership abilities are out of this world!  From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for sharing your gift and passion with us at Cancer support Community Valley/Ventura/Santa Barbara” Zinab, program associate CSCVVSB

“She was an excellent presenter, knowledgeable, empathic, supportive” Susan

“Loved the Class. Came to a lot of realizations in class. Excellent instructor. Loved the EFT. It helps sharing with others that understand our new bodies.  We are more than the cancer. Excellent Class! Thank you!” Patty

“The presenter is excellent in so many ways.  It has been a very good exploration of self, while being uplifting.” –  Tom

“I am so thankful to be part of your class. I already learned so much and am looking forward to learn more life giving skills. I’ve learned to relax my mind, catch my thoughts and be more mindful.  I am developing a positive outlook on life.  My attitude is more under control by my thoughts.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge in the refreshing way that you do.  I love your caring and the ease of the class.  You are amazing. I want you to know that you are one of my angels that gave me strength during my cancer journey with all the new things I learned through your class.  Thank you so much.” R

“I love learning how to communicate, to identify my feelings and needs. I appreciated learning that thoughts drive my feelings. I have a choice about how much I pay attention to my thoughts. Through this class I leaned that I have been very harsh with myself and judged myself and lived my life like it was the truth.  I am learning to see “problems” as instances of learning.  What I found most valuable about this class is learning to be at peace with myself and others for my well being. I enjoy your enthusiasm, honesty, frankness, and the stories you tell about yourself. I appreciate your learnedness and the depth with which you enjoy teaching us.”C.

“I love the meditations before we separate to groups. I learned that I don’t need to help people avoid mistakes, it’s not my responsibility.  I’m now letting people learn fro themselves on their own time.  I’ve been kinder to myself just by taking care of myself and no one else.”  – C.

“I loved learning about human needs. I’m now looking at my thinking and how when I judge, I’m obscuring the person in front of me. I loved learning ‘did you hear that as a request or a demand?’  I am realizing more the power of my thought. I love your explanations and examples and how animated you are.” – G.

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